Disney Announces New Film ‘Gigantic’ at D23!


One of the best classic Disney cartoons revolves around the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk,’ featuring Mickey as the hero that must overcome the attempts of the giant to catch him. You can find it on Netflix…or you can just get excited about Disney making another attempt at bringing the ‘Beanstalk’ story to life!

At D23 Disney announced it will be making an animated version of the classic tale and title the film, Gigantic! Taking the lead on the project will be Nathan Greno (Tangled), so you can’t do much better for taking such a timeless story and revamping it with the Disney treatment. It will feature songs to carry through generations, like Disney always does, but also provide yet another example of the power Disney Animation has, even without super-sidekick Pixar.

Not many details are available yet for Gigantic, but it’s on the way! Check back for more as it’s released!


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