‘Toy Story 4’ Will Be a Love Story


Thanks D23 for making our week. Not only do we get to see some new posters and hear of soon-to-be-released clips and trailers, but we also catch wind of the direction the upcoming Disney films will take. Like Toy Story 4.

The film that got the whole Pixar thing started is going to don it’s fourth installment in 2017, but we already know that this iteration may look a little different. Or may play out a little differently. Because it will be a love story.

John Lasseter, Disney’s Chief Creative Officer, recently stated:

“It’s a love story with Woody and—and this is news—Bo Peep.”

Now if only Buzz can keep kickin’ it with Jessie! Keep coming back for more D23 news!


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  1. so is Bo coming back? thought she was gone…
    honestly, i wanted woody to move on with some other toy and not go back…no offence

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