‘Frozen’ Director Reveals Tie Between Elsa, Anna and Tarzan


Many rumors out there swirled around the connection between Frozen sisters Elsa and Anna, and their long-lost parents, and a certain Little Mermaid. Heard that one before? How Elsa and Anna’s parents shipwrecked somewhere off Denmark and the ship became the scene for Ariel’s swimabout? Welp, if you bought into that theory…you’re wrong.

Chris Buck, the Director of Frozen, recently commented on the deeper story to Elsa and Anna’s family. And guess what? They have a brother!

At least that’s how should be interpreted. Go over to USMagazine.com to read the full article filled with Buck’s comments about the connection between the classic Disney characters. This is quite incredible because it proves from a story-crafting standpoint the connections of the Disney films, which multiple Easter Eggs always prove.


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