Star Wars VIII Offers Del Toro as Main Villain


Yes, we still have another five months or so (ugh…could it be any longer?!?) until we get to see the next installment of the Star Wars films. Disney is doing an incredible job of breathing life into the franchise that hasn’t seen a new movie released in almost a decade, and before that it was two decades. Spanning over the course of almost 40 years now, Star Wars is aimed at making that stretch well into a half-century. So while December 18, 2015 is the date we get to see the seventh film, May 26, 2017 is the target date for the follow up, Star Wars VIII. And details are already coming forth about who may be gracing the big screen for the film.

Reports are that Lucasfilm and Disney have made an offer to one of the most villainous looking actors in Hollywood: Benicio Del Toro. Already in the Disney vein for his role as ‘The Collector’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Del Toro could fit perfectly as a Sith or other formidable foe for the Jedi as they ‘Awaken’. See what I did there?

We have to pump the brakes on the excitement a little bit, though, because it’s just an offer. Nothing confirmed. But as we hear more be sure to check back here to find out!


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