Check Out Marvel Locations on the Map!

The Marvel Cinematic universe makes it seem like the Avengers and all their counterparts are saving the entire world from massive destruction. But…what if it’s really just a part of one of the countries of the world than it is the mass expanse? Now, obviously, that’s not totally fair because the super villains they all come across would spread the villainy across the globe if they won, but a map created by Empire Flippers shows where all of the fictional businesses tied to our Marvel characters fall geographically. It’s quite fascinating. Take a look!


East Coast Bias, anyone? What about all those flyover states in the heartland? Corn not ‘super’ enough for ya? Here’s the creating Arch Man, a hero who harvests the power of the Missouri River as it passes under the St. Louis arch! And, in case you’re wondering, now you see why I’m not a creator of comics.


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