‘Inside Out’ Keeps Record Pace with ‘Jurassic World’!


The title for biggest opening weekend in box office history just went to the incredible fourth installment of Jurassic Park, named Jurassic World ($524M+ opening weekend worldwide), but by the time week 2 rolled around there was some stiff competition for the summer blockbuster. While the leader in the clubhouse featured overgrown, gigantic mutated dinosaurs, Disney Pixar thought they’d have their way with some a little smaller…ok, a lot smaller: your thoughts. Yep, Inside Out is outpacing the rest of the field and keeping up with the titanic film Jurassic World at the box office!

Not to be outdone by it’s prehistoric partners in film, Inside Out is setting records itself! While it may not have the sheer size of the other movie, Inside Out is breaking records itself! It’s the fourth-highest opening weekend for an animated film ever, and set the mark for the highest-ever grossing opening weekend for a completely original film…and beat Avatar to do so! Well done, Disney!

Already receiving a Certified Fresh rating from rottentomatoes.com of 98% (almost unheard of), the film the raked in $90.44M in its opening draw last weekend. The film follows the emotions of a young girl and travels through her/their story as she grows up and faces, well, life. It’s drawing universal praise from critics and consumers alike, which is proven by the amount of money it’s generating.

Yet another win for the geniuses over at Disney and Pixar. Have you seen Inside Out yet? If so, did you like the movie?


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