‘Fantasia’ to Receive Live-Action Remake!


Aaaaaand here we go again. Seriously, what Disney classic hasn’t been either already made into or is in plans to be remade into a live-action film? It’s been a solid three years of announcements and remakes, so why not another!?!

Fantasia, the iconic movie of Disney lore, is now going to receive the live-action treatment! Kinda. The musical film features eight different acts, and the film will be an adaptation from the eighth sequence, ‘Night on Bald Mountain.’ The final element from the 1940’s film focuses on a winged creature that raises the dead, and should pose an interesting plotline in the remake. Not many other details are known, or even which style of film this will take, but The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news.

It’s an exciting one with massive potential. We’ll let you know more as it comes out.


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