Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hudland to Return for ‘TRON 3’!


And just hours after the previous post about TRON: Ascension went up, news came down that both Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hudland will be returning as the stars of the upcoming Disney film! Production and filming won’t begin on the project until late this fall, but nailing down these two in the cast was a paramount necessity for the film.

TRON 3 will continue the story that began back in the early 1980’s with Jeff Bridges as the star of the show. This time Garrett Hudland, son of Bridge’s character, and Wilde, an ‘algorithm-made-flesh’ named Quorra, will continue the series that takes place in a world called, ‘The Grid’. It’s predecessor TRON: Legacy grossed over $400M worldwide.

Two stars, a producer and green light are all great news this early for the TRON series. Check back for more (probably not just two days later, though…haha).


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