Disney Continues Live-Action Remakes with ‘Winnie the Pooh’!


I mean, at this point they may as well just redo all of them. Now don’t read that as jest, or even sarcasm (ok…maybe a little sarcasm), because at this rate they just might do it. Disney’s recent trend of recreating their animated films into live-action features has been the dominating theme of the past five years. Most recently Cinderella took control of the box office as a live-action movie, and we also just heard about a remake of everyone’s favorite flying elephant, Dumbo. Next on the list?

Winnie the Pooh! Yep, moving on from the elephant we can focus on everyone’s favorite honey-devouring bear and his troop of eclectic friends! Alex Ross Perry will pen the new adaptation that will feature Christopher Robin, the human pal of ‘Winnie’, returning as an adult to revisit Pooh’s hangout in the Hundred Acre Wood. There have been numerous Winnie the Pooh films made in decades past, but this will bring new breath to the old classic.

Awesome news from Disney! Not even ‘Eeyore’ can rain on that parade…


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