New Details for ‘TRON 3’ Emerge


Disney will be releasing a third installment to the futuristic, sci-fi series called TRON! While that may not be completely breaking news, some new information about the film just came out. The film, titled TRON: Ascension, will begin filming in October of 2015 in Vancouver, Canada, with a goal of finishing by February of 2016. The biggest questions moving forward, though, revolve around the cast and the plot.

The second film in the series, TRON: Legacy, brought back the primary actor in the film nearly 30 years later in Jeff Bridges, but also added stellar performances by Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde. Will they reprise their roles for the film? And how will the story continue? Legacy left some breadcrumbs open for a continuation of the story with the original villain ‘Ed Dillinger’ and his son ‘Edward Dillinger Jr.’ both making appearances.

Regardless of the current details, the exciting news is that production and filming now has a date and the wheels (er, neon discs?) can begin moving on the project. Check back for more on TRON: Ascension as it comes out!


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  1. Movie was cancelled after the poor attendance of Tomorrowland. Walt Disney Company Board cancelled it 2 week after Tomorrowland opened. Critics said “Give Tron to Marvel. They’ll make a hit of it.

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