‘Big Hero 6’ Moves into 3rd Place All-Time!


Disney Animation’s massive box office success of 2014 featured a new feel from most other Disney movies. The ‘superhero’ flick that didn’t feature the primary assistance of Marvel actors won an Oscar and captivated audiences around the world. So much so that Big Hero 6 just moved into 3rd place ALL-TIME for highest grossing animated Disney films! Yep, the robot Raymax was loved so much that only two other figures actually brought in more for the mouse-eared company to date: an Ice-Queen named Elsa and the king of everything the sun touches, Simba. Frozen is the all-time highest grossing animated Disney film at over $1.2B (yes, that B stands for BILLION) in revenue, with The Lion King coming in second (very impressive for a 22 year-old film) with $987.5M.

Sitting at $604.8M in revenue, Big Hero 6 recently passed Tangled as #3 on the list, but it should continue to rise. Big Hero 6 was just released on DVD/Blu-Ray which will continue to elevate this number, but probably not to the level of the two above it. Regardless, it’s highly impressive and speaks to the ability of Disney Animation to operate even without the genius of Pixar.

I you haven’t seen it yet, now’s the time to pick up Big Hero 6 and enjoy it with your whole family!


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