‘Little Einsteins’ Get Remixed!

One of the most popular shows for younger kids on Disney Junior is ‘Little Einsteins.’ The show follows the adventures of four kids and their rocket while introducing children to art and music throughout their journey. It’s an incredible show, that I’m sure many parents are very well acquainted with. Especially the show’s introduction. It’s a catchy and fun song…that got remixed. 866Beatz on Youtube creates remixes from some of your favorite and most known jingles and intro songs. They’ve become quite popular, especially the one for, you guessed it, ‘Little Einsteins’. Check it out!

Hopefully that brightened up your day. Sure does for me. ‘Zooming through the skies (bass drops)/ Little Einsteins!”

‘Little Einsteins’ airs on Disney Junior daily.


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