‘Cinderella’ Draws Magical Reviews


We’re still over a week away from being able to see the latest live-action remake of Disney’s timeless classic Cinderella, but the critics that received a sneak peek at the film are raving about it. Now yes, it’s not many, but the trusty site Rotten Tomatoes has 14 critical reviews already in for the film. The way they base their rating is upon whether the movie was “fresh” or “rotten”. Each critic gives a movie the rating, and then the percentage of fresh to rotten ratings gives the final tally for each movie.

And after those 14 ratings, Cinderella comes in at a solid 100%! Will it stay that high? Most certainly not. But, it’s an incredibly promising start for the live-action remake, whites a genre that hasn’t seen the highest ratings come through, especially for Disney classics. However, it seems that Lily James (‘Cinderella’) holds the acting chops to stand up to her stepmother, Cate Blanchett. Looks to be a great one for the whole family!

Cinderella opens March 13, 2015!


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