Disney Recap at the Oscars 2015


The Oscars took the world by storm last weekend with what ended up being a lackluster performance from basically everybody not named Lady Gaga (seriously, though…did anybody expect that?). That includes Disney, unfortunately. The only real winner from anything Disney at the Oscars was Big Hero 6, the animated film that’s been labeled as one of the highest rated Disney movies of all-time. Big Hero 6 walked away with the prize for ‘Best Animated Feature’! This is significant because it’s the just the second movie from Disney Animation that didn’t include the partnership with Pixar Studios to win in more than a decade. The other? Oh, that tiny little film called Frozen. Ever heard of it?

Beyond Big Hero 6 taking the main animation prize, Disney also won ‘Best Animated Short’ for their short film Feast! Other Disney movies were nominated, such as Guardians of the GalaxyMaleficent, and Into the Woods, in various categories, but none of them took home the big prize. Yes, Disney dominated the box office in 2014, but the Academy Awards were quite as kind. But what about for 2015? Disney has a few big name films that will be released in time for the next awards season. They include:

Cinderella (Disney)
Inside Out
(Disney Pixar)
The Good Dinosaur (Disney Pixar)
Tomorrowland (Disney)
Untitled Steve Spielberg Spy Movie (Disney)
Ant-Man (Disney/Marvel)
Avengers: Age of Ultron (Disney/Marvel)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Disney/Lucasfilm)

It’s shaping up to be an incredible 2015, and hopefully this time next year we’ll be celebrating even more trophies for Disney! Which movie are you most excited for this year?


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  1. I didn’t think NPH was lackluster, I thought he did a great job as host. If I’m not mistaken the Disney wins were a first: both films released together won. Looking forward to Inside Out and Tomorrowland, Pete Docter and Brad Bird have never disappointed.

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