Spider-Man Comes Home to Marvel!


Spider-Man, Spider-Man. Does whatever a spider can. Well…unless that’s being in movies that are actually a part of your greater creator label. See, ‘Spider-Man’ is one of the primary and foundational superheroes in the Marvel Universe, yet when it comes to the string of Marvel movies that have dominated the box office over the past 8 years ol’ Spidey’s been dancing to his own tune…twice.

Spider-Man was a successful trilogy in the mid-2000’s, and the recent reboot The Amazing Spider-Man has seen incredible success, as well. But both film series came under the Sony label, not Marvel’s new parent company Disney. Until now!

Spider-Man will be joining forces with the Avengers and the next Marvel phase in 2017 as Disney announced they’ll be co-producing the next Spider-Man film with Sony! This is HUGE news as it brings one of the primary Avengers from the comic books back into the group for the films. Disney has subsequently pushed many of their upcoming films release dates back to make room for this big announcement. The upcoming Spider-Man film will be released July 28, 2017!

The wake of this news could mean the end of the current series version of the story, as it’s likely Spider-Man may see yet another fresh reboot for the films. As a result, Andrew Garfield, who plays Spidey in The Amazing Spider-Man, may be out. In my opinion this would be unfortunate, as Garfield is an incredible Spider-Man. But what do you think?

Good news? Would you want Garfield to return as ‘Spider-Man’?


0 thoughts on “Spider-Man Comes Home to Marvel!

  1. That’s fantastic news. I was hoping this would happen and it did….FINALLY!!! As for Garfield, I won’t mind seeing him replaced.

    I think there other brilliant actors that can easily take his place. I never really thought he was suitable for Spidey just saying.

  2. It will be hard to replace Garfield, he made the character in my opinion. In previous Spidey films, Toby didn’t live up to that Peter/ Spider-Man image like Garfield does. I hope Disney will push for a continuation after the 2nd Amazing. The latest re-boot played a great justice to the comic story line in today’s time.

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