Could ‘Star Wars’ Be Joining ‘Disney Infinity’?

Fresh on the heels of some Star Wars news yesterday, we may have a bit more. ‘Disney Infinity’ is the wildly popular game that features purchased action-figures as playable video game characters. You buy the toy, you play them in the game. Innovative, creative and a ton of fun. And the success of ‘Disney Infinity 2.0’, which brought to us Marvel Superheroes, everyone is wondering ‘What’s Next?’

Well, the answer may be secretly present in this installment of the game. Once a gamer has the full set of ‘2.0’ characters and has fully leveled them up have access to a Star Wars ‘Landspeeder’! What’s a ‘Landspeeder’? It’s the vehicle Luke Skywalker travels on while on Tatooine, his home planet. Check out the picture below to see The Incredible Hulk cruising around in this racer…


Ha! Very…’Incredible’, right? Go check out ‘Disney Infinity 2.0’ to see the ‘Landspeeder’. And oh, here’s a little tip: Can’t get every character or level them up? Some gamers have made this available in their shareable toy boxes. So be on the lookout!



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