‘Disney Infinity’ Tops ‘Skylanders’…Supposedly


The video game market that involves pairing an action figure to a playable virtual character is still a relatively new realm for the industry. The massive success of the Activision game ‘Skylanders‘ brought the genre to the forefront where, for a while, they held sweeping dominance over the competition. Then the little, small company that has mouse ears in their logo came along and offered a challenge to the crown. Disney’s most successful video of the last 3 years, if not of all-time, is ‘Disney Infinity’! Overheard of it? Played it yet?

With new installments thats featuring characters across the entire spectrum of Disney-owned franchises, including most recently The Avengers and their Marvel villains, and in the near future Star Wars, ‘Disney Infinity’ pairs action figures with video game characters that gamers can control. And the numbers have come in on the measure of success from 2014. At 47% of the market share, Disney is reporting that they’ve outsold all other competition, including main rival Activision’s ‘Skylanders’. However, Activision claims that they’re still the leader by more than a 30% mark globally, saying they are not only the creators of the brand, but also still the leaders.

Sounds like a little battle may be brewing. Can we get Disney and Activision company action figures that we can insert into a game? It’s time to find a winner.

Regardless of the numbers and talk, though, one thing is for certain: ‘Disney Infinity’ continues to grow at a rapid rate while improving their gameplay experience. If you haven’t checked it out yet, the game is available on all major platforms. Go get it! View the full list of Disney Infinity characters!

Have you played ‘Disney Infinity’? If so, let us know your thoughts on the game.


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