No One Does Arm-Wrestling Like Gaston…Except This Girl!

We just highlighted the ‘Gaston Behaving Awesomely’ video that went viral of him dominating a Disney World visitor in a push-up contest. But wait! There’s more! On the heels of his overwhelming victory in push-ups, Gaston was once again challenged by a visitor. This one was just as confident, but a little shorter and much less intimidating.

A young girl.

And it wasn’t push-ups this time. No, it was a contest that truly displays the feats of strength mano e mano. An arm-wrestling contest with an 11-year-old girl! Watch the destruction…

Haha, now I promise this is the last we’ll see of Gaston for a while. Well, I hope so, at least. This is the most pub the cocky, boisterous villain of Beauty and the Beast has received in years. Well done, sir.


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