What’s the ‘Darkest Moment’ in Disney Movies?


We’ll continue the theme of bringing some lists to ring out the year. We just posted a link to one site’s rankings of the top Disney movie of all-time. But what if we took a little turn…to the dark side?!? And no…this isn’t a Star Wars post, even though I absolutely can. not. wait. for Episode VII to come out. No, this is about the moments in Disney lore that left all of us just a little bit scared, heartbroken or crying throughout the years.

The guys over at Moviepilot.com put together a list of the top 10 darkest moments in Disney movies. I don’t think the top of the list can be argues very much. As a dad now I almost don’t want my kids to watch these movies until their older just because I can still resurface the pang in my heart during these moments. But enough of my blabbering…follow this link to see the list in full! Moviepilot.com.

It’s a great article that has some clips of the scenes embedded. I won’t steal their thunder or clicks by giving anything away, but one glaring omission, in my opinion, is anything having to do with freaking Maleficent-turned-Dragon and all those thorns around the castle in Sleeping Beauty. Nightmares galore. Preesh, Disney.

What’s the ‘darkest’ moment in Disney film to you?


0 thoughts on “What’s the ‘Darkest Moment’ in Disney Movies?

  1. There’s dark as in scary and dark as in emotion, and for me, the darkest moment was when Bambi’s mother got shot and killed, that horrified me, I saw Bambi when I was six years old and was terrified I might lose my own mother, that fear stayed with me for years.

  2. ya bambi 2 and 1 I agree its so heart breaking and he is 6!! I would stab myself if that happened don’t get any ideas its just what would be the point without your mother epically family

  3. what’s the story on the rumors that Mickey Mouse is going to die in a movie coming out in the next few years/

  4. For me, it was the death of Bambi’s mother that destroyed me, at the age of 6 I never knew it was possible to lose your mother.

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