What’s the Greatest Disney Movie of All-Time?


The end of the year is a time for remembering, celebrating and anticipating the year we had and the year to come. So, in the spirit of looking back, we thought we’d share a little list that was created recently by insidermonkey.com: ‘The 50 Best Disney Movies Ever Made‘! Now remember, this is just one person’s, or group’s, ranking of the films. We actually have our own set of  rankings based upon overall rating of every Disney film ever made! You can find that here: Best Disney Movies.

And for comparison, follow this link to see the full list at insidermonkey.com.

Here are a few interesting selections from that list:

-The first Disney movie ever made, Snow White, is ranked #14.
-The highest-grossing Disney film of all-time, Frozen, came in at #16.
-The first Pirates of the Caribbean film is the only one on the list, getting a #39 ranking.

There are some interesting choices near the top. But what do you say? What’s the greatest Disney movie of all-time?


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  1. I was wondering can you guys bring back all the old school movies (1996-2006) movies back for a week so us 90’s can enjoy how disney use to be.

    1. Davon, it will do you good to have the Library of Disney movies,
      so your kids and grand kids can enjoy them to. It’s better than all of the blood & guts being made today ;.Start by joining the Disney Movie Club, then become a vip customer and order the Disney Exclusives, I started mine back in the 80’s. And don’t forget to enjoy them.

  2. I have to say Fantasia is the finest Disney movie of all time, esp. for its time. Night on Bald Mountain is the finest animation I have ever seen (Bill Tytla) and the Ave Maria right after soothed my horror.

  3. Mary Poppins, it’s Walt’s pinticle of everything he has done. True, the later “movies” those I call A.W.D.’s (after Walt died)1969-Present.

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