Disney to Create ‘Robin Hood’ Franchise!


Kevin Costner may have splashed into the Disney world before, but he’s got nothing on what’s about to happen over the next few years with the ol’ Mouse Ears company. It’s not quite yet known if it will feature men in tights or not, but Disney recently announced that it is planning their own franchise for the classic tale Robin Hood’! Yes, Disney already created an animated version of the film Robin Hood, but this one will take a live action direction that Disney is hoping could mirror what Pirates of the Caribbean has become.

The title of the film and project is taking shape by the name Nottingham & Hood, and features the writing of newcomer Brandon Barker. Sony is also releasing a new take on the ‘Robin Hood’ story soon, so no surprise Disney is joining the fight through Sherwood Forest. No details on release date or plans yet, but this is reason to get excited nonetheless!

We’ll let you know as more comes out.


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