‘Frozen’ is Getting a Sequel!


Still catching up from some time lose the past two weeks…

So just when you may have gotten the catchiest song in the world out of your head, ‘Let It Go,’ we get news that we’re not even close to being done with Frozen-mania. Idina Menzel, voice of main character Princess Elsa, said in an interview with ‘The Telegraph‘ that Frozen will be made into a sequel, but that’s not all! Besides the ability to spend even more money on Frozen in the theaters, parents and kids alike will have an opportunity to continue their love of the film through a musical theater production! Broadway, anybody?

It’s exciting news for the most popular Disney movie to come out in close to a decade, and from a box office standpoint, of all-time. Interested in buying Frozen this Christmas? Click this little link and get your Frozen Christmas shopping done both online and early!


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