‘Fantasia’ Receives Video Game Sequel!


As Disney fans we love it when the classic films get remade, revamped or are given a sequel. We also love to see our favorite movies remastered as video games. But for the first time, the blend of those two things will be occurring as Fantasia is set to become a video game…as a sequel to the original!

Fantasia is filled with musical sequences and an epic storyline, so naturally it would fit well into a specific genre of video game: think ‘Rock Band’ meets ‘Mickey Mouse’! Harmonix, creator of ‘Rock Band’ and ‘Guitar Hero,’ has been working on developing an interactive follow-up to the Disney classic for a few years now and finally landed on ‘Fantasia: Music Evolved’. Here’s a brief quote from Daniel Sussman, the Harmonix project director for the game, about the inspiration for this creative venture:

 We also read all of the notes from the stenographers between Walt Disney and Leopold Stokowski; as they discussed things like the role of how abstract art can be and what is the relationship between character and music, and narrative and song. This offered brilliant insight into what they were doing, and we applied what they were trying to do with that film to motion video gaming.

‘Fantasia: Music Evolved’ released on October 21, 2014 and is now exclusively available for Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. For a further look into the game, Fortune.com has an incredible write up on the intricacies that went into its development.



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