Benedict Cumberpatch to Play ‘Dr. Strange’!


We’re about to throw at you a litany of MARVEL news. Over the past few days some big stories broke regarding the upcoming phase, some of the anticipated films, and even some new ones. But we’ll start with, perhaps, the most exciting news of them all. And it involves ‘Khan,’ I mean ‘Sherlock Holmes,’ I mean…Benedict Cumberpatch!

One of the brightest stars in Hollywood over the past three years is Cumberpatch, who seems to be landing big roles left and right. Now you can add yet another one to his directory: Dr. Strange! The Marvel comic character is a doctor that turns into a superhero sorcerer and joins forces with the Avengers. ‘Stephen Vincent Strange’ eventually becomes the primary protector of earth in the comics; we’ll see how it all plays out in Phase 3!

The way Disney and Marvel are creating the full spectrum of characters for their Marvel film universe is quite amazing. They’ve procured some of the biggest actors to grace the big screen in what have been transformational roles for many. Benedict doesn’t need this role to ascend to a new level in the eyes of many, but from a global standpoint landing Dr. Strange could take him to the very top. In my opinion, this is a genius hire. Your thoughts?


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