‘Moana’ Gets 2016 Release Date

Disney has been wonderful at crafting stories around women protagonists. There was a big fuss about Frozen featuring two of them this past year, but the buzz was primarily about them not ending up with ‘Prince Charming’. It remains to be seen if Disney’s newest princess will find true love like the princesses of yore or not, but we know that we’ll get to meet her sometime in late 2016.

Moana is the upcoming film that will take viewers on an animated adventure not he seas where the princess Moana, a “born navigator,” sets sail in search of a fabled island in the ancient world of Oceania. Along the way, she teams up with a demigod named Maui and encounters mythical creatures and places. It should be a wonderful adventure featuring beautiful animation, but even further the story sounds to be one that will captivate audiences worldwide off the heels of the Frozen frenzy. Below is one of the first concept art images for Moana.


Check back for more as it’s released on the upcoming film, Moana!


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