Disney Releases New ‘Star Wars’ Mobile Game!


Star Wars video games are thing of lore for gamers over the past twenty years. From first-person adventures to flight simulators in the X-wing, Star Wars games have crossed all platforms, genres and styles. Electronic Arts held an exclusive partnership with Lucasfilm to produce the games for many years, and still has control over many of the video game projects and titles, but when Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012 it ushered in a new era of Star Wars video games for everyone to enjoy! While EA holds certain rights, Disney has those to develop mobile and social media Star Wars games…which leads us to some exciting news.

Disney is producing a brand new Star Wars mobile title that will follow previous successes like Star Wars Commander, which was released this summer. The new title will be called Star Wars: Galactic Defense! As one can gather from the name, Galactic Defense is a tower defense game that will require strategy and timing to accrue points and unlockables. The guys over at Gamerant.com featured the game and had this to say about the upcoming title:

Star Wars: Galactic Defense will cover both the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy, and is set to include the iconic characters of the Star Wars universe within its strategy-focused gameplay. Gamers will be able to choose whether they represent the light or dark side of the force in-game. Meanwhile, players will also be able to take Galactic Defense online with their friends.

Barry Dorf, the vice president of partnerships and alliances at DeNa, was excited to take on Star Wars – a franchise that apparently “touched” everyone at the developer.  “We’re honored to work with Disney and Lucasfilm on Star Wars: Galactic Defense,” said Dorf. “We can’t use the Force, but we do have one of the world’s most talented and passionate mobile development teams working to create an unforgettable Star Wars gameplay experience.”

Players will also be able to unlock exclusive in-game content by pre-registering and “completing social media missions” during launch week. This includes upgrades such as additional troops and ion bombardments, as well as the in-game currency of ‘gems’. Finally, players can unlock of Darth Maul as an in-game character – but only after accruing 500,000 points.

Star Wars: Galactic Defense will be available for all iOS and Android devices later in 2014!


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