Disney’s Broadway ‘Aladdin’ Goes to Tokyo


It’s rare we discuss Disney’s accomplishments on the stage, but the Broadway show ‘Aladdin‘ has been drawing incredible reviews, winning multiple nominations and awards, and grossing well over $1M weekly for 6 months now. The warm critical reception is focused on the character portrayals, the family-friendly environment, and the recreation of classic, nostalgic Disney songs like ‘A Whole New World’ and ‘Friend Like Me.’

Well, the show has done so well that it is heading overseas to become a feature in the Shiki Theater Company in Tokyo, Japan in May 2015! This will be the fifth Disney movie-made-Broadway that will take the stage at the famed Tokyo theater. Coolest part? This may not be it for the show! Rumor has it there may be plans to take it to London in 2016! As Genie says to Aladdin, ‘Just bee yourself!’ Keep doing that and the show will keep spreading Disney fame throughout the Broadway world.


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