New Short ‘Frozen Fever’ to Debut in 2015!


Can’t get enough of Frozen? Well, have no fear, because in just one more year (or less) we’ll get another installment in the Frozen franchise, albeit a short one. ‘Frozen Fever’ is a new short Disney is creating to release sometime in 20in the spring of 2015!

The shot film will reunite the cast that took the world by storm so far in 2014 and even introduce a new song for the whole world to get stuck in their heads! A full-length sequel is not in the works, but not out of the question.

Speculation on what movie the film would be attached to is heavily leaning towards Kenneth Branagh’s live-action take on Cinderella which opens March 13, 2015. We’ll let you know more as it comes out, but hopefully this stirs up the excitement for more Frozen!


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  1. Great! Still want a full length sequel though or maybe two. great entertainment is hard to come by and Frozen definitely is great. MEGA KUDU’S TO ALL WHO WORKED ON IT.

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