‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Tops the 2014 Box Office


What is being regarded as the strongest movie of the year, and even the strongest Marvel movie of all-time by Robert Downey Jr., is proving its might at the box office, as well. Guardians of the Galaxy took over the #1 slot for all 2014 movies this past week with $262.1M domestically!

Guardians provides a cool splash of humor to an exciting action-packed continuation of the Marvel franchise. Released just one month ago the film has steadily produced solid numbers at the theaters. It’s generated strong reviews and a buzz throughout moviegoers. Another element aiding it’s impressive run is the overwhelming lack of blockbusters this year. For some reason, 2014 has been lackluster in the movie department, but that shouldn’t taint the remarkable nature of Guardians of the Galaxy. Projections have the film grossing close to $320M domestically before its run is through. Well done.


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