Legendary Actor Robin Williams Dies at Age 63

I’m sure you’ve heard the news that erupted over Twitter yesterday as legendary actor Robin Williams, 63, passed away yesterday. We’re not getting into the reports of cause or anything of that nature, but wanted to mention it simply as a tribute to the contributions he added to Disney lore.

As a kid I was first introduced to Robin Williams, who had starred on the big screen and in television for years prior, through his magical voice as ‘Genie’ in Aladdin. His songs, spoofs, sarcasm and spirit made the movie fun no matter the scene. He starred such as Popeye, Old Dogs and the infamous, Flubber, but no one could have brought the big blue genie to life quite like Williams.

In memory of Williams Disney posted this picture to their accounts yesterday, breaking down the emotional walls many people were holding together at the news of Williams’ passing. May you find rest, Robin Williams.



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