‘Dumbo’ to Receive Live-Action Treatment!


So there’s a saying that talks about ‘when pigs fly.’ Now pigs flying may be odd, but an even more illogical choice of flying animal would be…an elephant. So, with this in mind, it should be interesting to see just how in the world Disney plans to pull off the recently announced news that one of their most iconic tales would be getting a live-action makeover: Dumbodumbo_13041299292273!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to see the big floppy-eared, innocent and lovable elephant grace the big screen once more, but it would seem to present quite a challenge to recreate Dumbo as a live-action flick. Unless, of course, you CGI the star character. We’ll see what they do, but regardless, it’s yet another Disney classic getting the real life makeover.

Which Disney classic would you most want to see as a live-action remake?


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  1. Disney CEO should fire the dopes who are messing with the ‘icons’.
    It is pretty clear that the folks in the animation dept. have fallen way off coarse cus their is NO IMAGINATION in re using the older movies.
    Walt always said keep moving forward, so, why aren’t you?

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