Elsa Cast for ‘Once Upon a Time’!



I mean we just finished telling you about the two roles filled for ABC’s television show ‘Once Upon a Time’ from Disney’s massive movie Frozen. Yes, Anna and Kristoff are joining the cast and will be played by two young, attractive thespians. And right on the heels of that, whadaya know…they found their Elsa!

Georgina Haig will fill the role of the iced-out queen in ABC’s hit series! Previously Haig starred in the CBS show ‘Reckless’. In the upcoming fourth season of ‘Once Upon a Time’ Elsa will be a misunderstood villain who still hasn’t fully harnessed her powers. Her journey will hover around the relationship with her sister. It’s shaping up to be quite the storyline!

‘Once Upon a Time’ hits the waves for its fourth season this upcoming fall.


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