‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’ Announced for 2017!


Can’t get enough of swashbuckling vagabonds that live on ships and sail the seas for treasure? That’s just a really wordy way of saying, ‘Do you like Pirates?’ Well, if you answer ‘Yes’ then you’re in luck because Disney announced that they’ll be making yet another installment of the wildly popular Pirates of the Caribbean franchise! We won’t be able to see the film until July 7, 2017, but it should deliver quite the hype in the lead up. Why?

Because Johnny freaking Depp will be reprising the role of ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ once more! Seriously, you could put him in indian gear and set him on a train ride in the wild west and it would be a smash hit. Wait. Um…No? Nevertheless, Jack Sparrow is sure to bring people to the threatens for a franchise that has already grossed over $3.7 billion worldwide in sales across the four movies.

Here’s to Jack Sparrow! Now…where’s the rum?!?


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