Live-Action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Finds Director


And here we go again with another live-action remake of a Disney classic. I would imagine this wouldn’t be the last either with the incredible success in the past few years of this ‘genre.’ Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is the next to receive the treatment, and now they’ve nailed down their director!

Bill Condon, director of Oscar-winning Dreamgirls, will be at the helm for the project. This is a great choice due to the direction of the film. Condon has stated he plans to not only recreate the 1991 animated phenomenon, but also draw inspiration from the musical which ran on Broadway for 13+ years! Condon wrote not only the previously mentioned film, but another musical in the Oscar-winning Chicago. With those chops and the direction of the project it seems to be a great fit.

Not much else’s known about the film thus far, but of ahead and take your guesses for who would make the best Belle and Gaston?


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  1. Oooohhhh no this is not going to end well…I’m guessing Gaston is not going to be a bad guy like Maleficent in the movie I already lost one of my favorite Disney villans and I don’t want to lose my 2nd favorite one.

  2. Bad form gents. Guess Walt’s dream died with him, “Disney will never be complete as long as their is imagination in the world” Has any of you seen a Walt Disney Sequel to any of the movies he made? I don’t think so.
    Remember- keep moving forward? tell me, where is there any forward movement in a sequel??? So far you haven’t shown any.

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