‘Game of Thrones’ Characters Get Disney Treatment

I love when people reimagine the classic Disney characters and stories. Recently we’ve seen this occur through art and imagery, like when characters got a Star Wars remix. I’m not sure how many of you are ‘Game of Thrones’ fans (huge one here), but another artist decided to give a Disney twist to some characters. This time the characters aren’t from the Disnye universe, but if they were, this is certainly how they would look (“Cersei”, then “Bran & Hodor”, followed by “Jon Snow & Ghost”).


disney_got_bram_and_hordor_by_nandomendonssa-d7imhi610286901_240726999454956_3743037899011096162_oFernando Mendonca is the genius behind these pictures. You can find more of his work HERE. Which one is your favorite?


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