Disney Channel Gets a Logo Makeover

Disney decided its television channel needed a facelift. What they didn’t know would happen, as a result, is that the Twitterverse and Internet as a whole would act like they chafed their name completely and started showing soap operas. I’m not sure why there was such an uproar to the new Disney Channel logo, but it’s met mixed reviews thus far. Here’s the new Disney Channel logo:



So they moved the ears from behind the lettering to becoming the dot of the ‘I’. Smart. Clean. Simple. I, for what it’s worth, like this. What do you think of the new Disney Channel logo?


0 thoughts on “Disney Channel Gets a Logo Makeover

  1. Put them some where else, Never mess with success! Especially Walt Disney’s name. Walt is Mickeys Father/Creator no? look at the Sorscers
    Apprentice. Who is the Magician???

    1. The Magician/ Wizard is Yen Sid and here it is backwards with an equation Dis Ney=Disney=Walt Disney who is the father/creator of Mickey which means Yen Sid is supposed to represent Walt Disney!

      1. right Hannah, u did not understand what was ment. In other words;leave the Disney logo alone. Did Walt ever do a sequal? THINK NOT!!!!

      2. I agree!!! And hey are you the guy that said somthing for a reply to me for how I said how stupid C.G.I Disney movies are except Frozen?


  2. The previous Disney channel logo was a classic, it’s what everyone grew up with and it represents generations of movies and shows and cartoons that influenced us all. Don’t mess with what is already great. I don’t like the new logo…change it back!

  3. Personally, I love the way young stars magically draw on TV screen the classic Mickey ears logo!! As a grandmother I asked my grandchildren their preference: Only one likes the new logo and the others want to know, like me, why does the Disney Channel logo have to be changed?!?!? Gramma D, 65, Castle Rock, CO 80109

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