An Inside Look at the Seven Dwarves Mine Train Coaster!

We normally don’t highlight much about Disney Parks on this site, but a video was released this past month that spotlights one of the most innovative elements of the parks and it blew us away. So, naturally, we have to share it.

If you’ve been to Disney World recently (like, within the past few days), you may have seen the Seven Dwarves Mine Train. It’s an exciting new ride that brings to life one of the most lovable troops of characters from one of the most iconic Disney movies, the Seven Dwarves from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The coaster is more than just a fast car on a track, though, as you’ll get to see in the video posted below. Here is an inside look into the 3D animatronics that bring the Dwarves to life…it’s quite remarkable.

The imagineers are sheer geniuses.


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