What’s the Big ‘A113’ Secret Disney Embeds in Movies?


A fascinating article at EMGN.com highlights a long and ongoing secret that finds its way into a large number of Disney and Pixar films. I love hatching these little easter eggs that Disney is so keen on placing in their films. This new one, we’ll call it ‘A113’, is one I’ve never even noticed or thought of, but through the pictures you can tell it’s clearly present in dozens of films.

Go check out the article to see all of the movies ‘A113’ is found. But in case you can’t make it through all of the examples of its placement, here’s a little hint to unlocking the mystery: ‘A113’ is an homage to the animators of the films. Now go find out the rest!

‘A113’ is placed in Toy StoryBraveWall-ECars, and Finding Nemo, among others.


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