Disney’s The Pirate Fairy Now Available on Blu-ray / DVD

The latest release in the popular Tinkerbell series of films, The Pirate Fairy, is now available for purchase!

The Pirate Fairy is the story about how dust-keeper fairy Zarina captivates the Blue Pixie Dust and joins forces with the pirates, including a cabin boy names James, the future captain Hook! It’s up to Tinkerbell and her fairy friends to turn things around.

In addition, Amazon has the previous Tinkerbell films all on sale at up to 48% off!


Don’t forget, after watching the film, sit down together as a family and color some Pirate Fairy coloring sheets.


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  1. Umm this is the most horrible movie I’ve seen from Disney! I hate this why does Disney have to post this?

      1. Are making fun of me!!! ( Gets so angry she turns into the Hulk and kills everyone who dosen’t like The Pirate Fairy Movie) =) I did a smiley face because I had the most awsome time of my life killing people who don’t like the movie. ( Walks out the door and goes to an anger managment class )

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