‘Captain America 3’ On the Books!


Even before the sequel is released, Disney is preemptively jumping the gun to announce that Captain America will become its own trilogy! Captain America 3 is the big mystery news Marvel was hinting at for May 2016! Phase 2 of the well-documented Marvel film phases has already kicked off, and the third Cap’n movie will be a part of Phase 3. Not many details are known about this yet, as Captain America: The Winter Soldier won’t be released until April 4, 2014. However, one interesting point, or maybe counterpoint is a better description, of the projected release date for Captain America 3 is that Warner Bros. Man of Steel sequel, which will feature ‘Superman,’ ‘Batman’ and ‘Wonder Woman,’ was pushed back to this same weekend. It will be a wild weekend at the box office…2 years from now. Until then Disney will continue to own the big screen through their record-breaking Marvel films.

Are you going to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier in two more weeks?


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