‘The Incredibles’ Are Making a Return!


It seems like forever ago that the biggest thing going for Disney was a group of superheroes not from the Marvel universe, but 10 years ago this was the case with the remarkable movie, The Incredibles! A wildly successful and highly rated movie, The Incredibles have popped up in many other Disney ventures since their time on the big screen, from video games to commercials. But now we have some big news that’s exciting for all Disney fans: The Incredibles are coming back!

Bob Iger recently announced that some sequels were coming for Disney/Pixar films, including The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3! Here’s to hoping that the sequel for this film tops the second Cars installment. Drew McWeeny has some interesting thoughts on the new over at HitFix.com. We still don’t know where director Brad Bird will take the film, or when it will be released, but if you ask me this is a home run announcement!

Do you like the news of The Incredible 2?


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  1. SWEET!! I have been waiting for The Incredibles 2 to come out ever since I saw the first one when I was 5-6!

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