Marvel Series Coming to Netflix!


A change int he television winds have been shifting the last few years. The giant popularity of the Netflix series House of Cards is matched with shows Disney placed on the subscription-based site like Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Now Disney will continue in the Netflix ventures with a Marvel project!

Reaching a $200 million deal with Netflix, Disney will be creating multiple Marvel series that highlight some lesser known characters in the Marvel universe! The series will be created and crafted for three years to produce the four-season series. The 60 one-hour episodes are tentatively titled “Marvel Defenders,” and will be filmed in New York to provide an authentic feel to the series. Disney CEO Bob Iger commented on the importance of the film location, “To us, it’s very, very important for us to be in New York.”

A lot of details are still unknown, but it’s a step further in the developing and growing relationship between Disney and Netflix…and it gives us more super heroes!


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