Oscar-Winning ‘Frozen’ Tops $1 Billion Mark!


There’s a revered mark for movies these days; only a select few get to distinguish this honor, and Frozen recently joined the ranks! No, I’m not talking about the multiple Oscars the film won last week (well done, btw!), but Frozen just topped the $1B mark internationally in box office sales! Let me just write that out… $1,000,000,000! That’s a lot of zeros!

Here’s the thing, though: they’re not done yet! With a few countries still left to bring in some dough, the number will continue to climb. It’s currently still #8 in the North American box office, which is tremendous for a film that’s been out for over 3 months. The vast success of the film has been highlighted by many outlets, including us, but for an animated film to reach the $1B mark is stunning.

For perspective on the film’s success, Frozen has out-earned the two Despicable Me films ($620 million combined), the four Ice Age movies ($730 million combined), and the two Kung Fu Panda movies ($381 million combined)!

Have you seen Frozen yet? What did you think of the film? Print out Frozen coloring pages!


0 thoughts on “Oscar-Winning ‘Frozen’ Tops $1 Billion Mark!

  1. I haven’t seen it in theaters yet. Waiting for it to come to the 2 dollar theater so we all can go see it. I’ve been this patient waiting for my dvd to come in the mail.I can wait a little bit longer. I wish the disney store would hurry up and make more merchandise

  2. LOVED IT!!! Saw it twice in theaters with family! Have my DVD/Bluray already reserved! Wooohooo! Thanks Disney for a GREAT movie!!

  3. Best movie ever….our son wanted to go back to see it again…He is 6yrs old n he actually sat though the whole movie…usually he gets antsie after awhile!!!! Great job Disney!!! Keep bringing in the awesome movies for kids!!! Been a disney nut for 41yrs!!!!!

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