‘Star Wars’ Casts a New Villain!


The newest Star Wars episode is still a long ways away (or is it a long, long ways away???), but we’re already getting some headwind on who will be gracing the screen for the film. Most popularly known for his role not he HBO series “Girls”, Adam Driver was announced yesterday as the primary antagonist for Episode 7! Driver is set to land some major roles in films over the coming year or so prior to his Star Wars debut, so you’ll have opportunities to watch his craft.

But what role will he play? Who will the actual villain be? This much isn’t currently known, but the villain is believed to be in a similar vein to the Darth Vader character from the first two trilogies. Could Driver’s character become as iconic as Vader, or will he just be another mute like Darth Maul? Here’s to hoping for the first, because this new trilogy needs a face of the franchise to shape this new generation of fans.

Star Wars: Episode VII is slated to release December 18, 2015.


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