Who is the Best Disney Villain of All-Time?


The greatest part about lists is that anybody can make one. And once they’ve been created, they are almost certain to draw debate and disagreement. Welp, we have a new one, and this one claims to be the ‘definitive ranking’ of the top 25 Disney villains. You’ll have to go to the Huffington Post to find the list, and I won’t give away they’re top 5, but here are three in this list that I totally disagree with.

17) “Shere Khan”, The Jungle Book. (Anybody named ‘Khan’ has to be higher…)
12) “Maleficent”, Sleeping Beauty. (Ever seen Sleeping Beauty? Watch the end. Tell me this isn’t too low)
9) “Hades”, Hercules. (His name literally means DEATH! Freaking DEATH! You can’t be 9!)

Haha, it’s a fun look back at some of the classic Disney villains. What do you think of it? Who should be #1?


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  1. Hades from Hercules. He is such a jerk! Why would he want to kill his own nephew!!!!!!!!!???????

  2. Actually, maybe Gaston, too. I don’t think anyone should be jealous of true love…even if it does happen to the person you wanted to marry….

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