Which Disney Character Do You Resemble?


Ever done one of those personality tests? There are a bajillion of them out there, but one of the best is the ‘Myers-Briggs’ test, which takes a comprehensive quiz of questions and determines your personality tendencies. It’s an incredible leadership tool and provides a great glimpse into how you respond/react in situations (go take it if you never have here: ‘Myers Briggs Test.’)

So why in the everything am I talking about personality tests? Because Hitfix.com recently posted an article that effectively labels all your favorite Disney characters to one of the personality profiles! It’s a lot of fun to read through them, but the best part is comparing who you are to the Disney characters! Here’s the article with the list: Hitfix.com.

What’s your personality? Comment with yours and who you’re like! I’m an ENFP, “The Champion,” so I resemble Aladdin!


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