‘Frozen’ Getting a Sequel?


Frozen absolutely crushed the box office this winter (did it bring the heavy winter storms to the Eastern seaboard with it???) and helped Disney pull off one of it’s most successful years at the box office in history. But with all of the success comes the obvious question: will there be a sequel?

Executive VP and GM of Disney Animation Studios, Andrew Millstein, sat down with The Hollywood Reporter last week to discuss, among other things (like future MARVEL plans), the current success and future thoughts for Frozen. You can find the full interview in the February 21 issue of the magazine, or go here to read it in full: HollywoodReporter.com.

There’s a lot to take in from the interview, but here’s one excerpt that sounds like a sequel has at least been pondered:

Iger said in January that there will be a Broadway musical version of Frozen. What about a sequel?
At the moment, there’s not a sequel on the drawing boards. Could there be? Sure. But we’re not engineered around the predetermination of that.

We’ll see, Mr. Millstein. If I had my guess…one will come, sooner than later. Let’s just all hope that it’s better than the run of Disney sequels from the 1990’s.


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  1. I love this movie. I don’t care what anybody else says, this was the best Disney movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. that includes what’s up coming in the unforeseeable future, right Tigger? But rest your mind, the best of Disney started with a Mouse, did it not??

      1. Actualy it all started with a rabbit, a rabbit who would later be known as Mickey’s brother and in Epic Mickey games and his name is Oswald, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

      2. lets go back a little further to a little girl named Alice;she was before Mickey and Oswlad. Also the first live action/cartoon mix that Walt did himself.

      3. I completly forgot about the Alice series, I knew about her before Epic Mickey came out but since people don’t talk about it anymore I forgot about it.

  2. i hate it how people react like it was WOW i mean it was great but take a look at walt’s movies you fake disney fans -.-

    1. What do u think of the first Tron? The worlds first cgi assisted movie,? Or Toy Story, the first complete cgi movie?
      They were all started by the Disney Family, remember what was said all through the Increadables movie, “keep moving forward”
      And at the end it shows U the complete quote from Walt Disney.
      Walt was always thinking ahead, to see what he could do next.
      Remember, he put everything he owned, on the line, more than once, to prove to the backers,bankers and himself that he was going in the right direction,

      1. I wasn’t talking about Pixar I love Pixar, but it’s been so diffrent since at first Disney was making fun of Pixar for making C.G.I movies but a few years later when Toy Story was released Disney teamed up with Pixar. And I also love the animated Disney movies that we all know and love by the classic Disney Studios, the reason why I like Frozen is because Walt wanted to make a movie based on the book the Snow Queen when Walt was making movies based on books like Cinderella so it feels to me like Frozen is a Disney Classic. And i’v never seen the first Tron or the 2nd one and I havn ‘t seen Meet the Robertsons but I do know it was based off the book The Robertson Family.

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