Jessica Chastain Suits Up as ‘Merida’

Annie Leibovitz is known for her ‘Dream Portraits’ which take some of the most famous actors and actresses in Hollywood and places them in real-life settings that mirror our favorite animated Disney stories and characters. Her work has included many celebrities, including Taylor Swift, but the most recent one might be as accurate as you could get…and that’s with taking a child character and transforming her into a beautiful woman.

Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty, The Help) is known for her flowing, fiery locks, which makes her the perfect fit for one of the news Disney princesses: Merida from Brave. Leibovitz nailed it with this one, including the tagline from the movie in the portrait, “Where your destiny awaits” (with a stylized Disney W). Here’s the portrait:


Also, Entertainment Tonight highlighted the piece and has a featurette on its creation:


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