‘Disney Animated’ Wins App of the Year!


Do you know how many apps were released in 2013? Over 100,000! First off, that’s ridiculous, but beyond that…it’s freaking ridiculous! That’s a gigantic number, but it also shows the magnitude of how incredible the top app must be. Well…Disney gets to take home those honors for the first time ever!

‘Disney Animated,’ the app that provides a behind-the-scenes and all-encompasing look into the world of Disney animation, takes home the title of #1 App for the Apple iPad in 2013! It’s a remarkable honor for Disney and their app that shows the spectrum of Disney fandom. You can find out description of the app from our previous article HERE!

‘Disney Animated’ normally costs $13.99 in the Apple App Store, but is currently on sale for $9.99. It’s the perfect last minute Christmas gift (giving that it comes tomorrow!!!!!)!

Merry Christmas Eve! Congrats Disney!


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