Disney to Create Jesse Owens Biopic!


According to Variety.com, Disney is on teaming up with BermanBraun and Netter Films to create a biopic featuring one of the most decorated and heroic olympic athletes in American history: Jesse Owens. Owens was an olympic track star in the 1930’s that travelled to Nazi Germany for the 1936 Olympic Games. The reason why this is remarkable news? He was an African-American. While the entire Nazi Germany regime was about the genocide of anyone that didn’t fit their mold, Owens not only went into Germany to compete, but raced his way to four gold medals in those games. The only reason he was even allowed to compete as a black man, along with all Jewish competitors, was when Hitler relented his block of their participation once threatened with a boycott of the Games.

Jesse Owens is one of the greatest stories in American history, and Disney is extremely smart to jump on board this project. Director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Olympus Has Fallen) is rumored to be on board at the helm of the film. The story will be based on the book by ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap titled, Triumph.

Not much is known about the project, but we’ll let you know once it comes out. Well done, Disney.


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